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Preparing cold cuts has always been a tradition in our family – Our grandparents already slaughtered pigs. Following their tradition, we —Miquel and Roser— have always prepared cold cuts for our own consumption.
However, in 2000 we decided to buy an old house, which was previously called “Can Sauquet”, in the village of Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona) in order to turn this tradition to a small family business.
In 2003, after remodeling the house, we started running our family business together with Sergi, Gerard and Sara, our children. Since then, we have been working hard to prepare high-quality traditional cold cuts and to sell them throughout the country.



Currently, our company sells its products in craft fairs at regional level in Catalonia and in different gourmet shops.

The secret of the high quality of our products lies in the selection of the meats that we use as well as in the in the curing process (this process ranges from three weeks to three months, depending on the product). The curing process takes place in an excellent geographical environment in the foothills of Bellmunt, in the north of Plana de Vic (Barcelona), the excellence capital for sausages. In this region the best climatic conditions are met – cool nights and wet days make sausages be well cured and highly appreciated by all palates.

Our company mission is summed up in two words: quality and tradition.


Our Mission

Provide our customers with high-quality products respecting the traditional elaboration process in order to reach all palates.

Our View

We aim to guarantee the best quality of our products working hard every day. We want to be a leading company in the production of traditional cold cuts.

Our Values

  • We are a small family-run business, which lets us monitor all the traditional elaboration process.
  • We use high-quality raw materials. The meat is carefully selected to let us elaborate optimal cold cuts.
  • The curing process is closely followed up.
  • We ensure food safety of all our products
  • We take care of the environment and our surrounding area.
  • We establish relationships based on trust and respect.


Sant Pere de Torelló is a village in Osona (Barcelona), which is located in the south of Plana de Vic. The village stands out for its amazing natural heritage because it is placed in the confluences of rivers Ges and Fornés. In addition, it is surrounded by great fields and mountains. Osona is located on the south of Ripollès and on the west of Garrotxa.